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8 Lessons Learned: Medications

Importance Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

The quality of life of a patient can be improved with the help of pharmaceutical care. It does this through reduction of symptoms, slowing of diseases, prevention diseases, and cure of diseases. Pharmaceutical care takes place in pharmacy practice and it includes interaction with pharmacists.

Pharmacists help in determining whether patients have drug-related problems, evaluating drug-related needs, designing and monitoring a pharmacotherapeutic plan that will resolve the problem. Pharmaceutical care involves determining whether patients are taking drug overdoses, drug underdoses, have adverse reactions to drugs or are suffering from drug interactions.

After looking at all these factors they help the patient by correcting the situation with the right dosage of drugs. Patients experience increased mortality and morbidity as a result of the medications they use. Due to the increase in the number of medicines in the market it’s a challenge to control the quality and …